The Legacy of Running

October 5, 2010

The legacy of Running

I know it is not father’s day or his birthday or any other special day like that right now. But this cannot wait.  As I finished my three mile run this morning with Joseph running along side me I thought back to the time when we began running together. Although I can’t remember the exact date/year I do remember that I was so bad at it and since that time I have become a pretty skilled runner thanks to Joseph. When we first began running I could hardly run 100meters without being out of breath even though I have never had what I considered a weight problem. Now I can run three or four miles without getting breathless.  My form has been corrected and I don’t fight myself any longer. Due to the teachings of Joseph I have learned how to run up and down hills on grass, gravel and sidewalk and blacktop. You may not know it but there is a science to running and my husband has taught me all he knows and has taught our children as well.

Shortly after our marriage, Joseph started the children and I running. Many early mornings we would all get  up and get dressed and go for a long run (back then it was really no more than a half of mile, but it seemed long) He has brought a wonderful legacy to our family. I learned the other day when visiting our oldest and her husband and kids that they have started doing exercises together – I am so happy for them.

Each morning that Joseph and I go out to run, it is work but we have a rhythm that is just our own that we easily fall into after a few steps down the road. It is similar to the sexual rhythm that we share after years of knowing one another. They both are beautiful to experience.  At 5:30 or 6:00am the streets are dark and no one is out except other diehard runners. In the summer the air is warm and we move smoothly and quickly. In the winter the air is fresh and sharp and every movement is accompanied by the noise of our clothing. One day we won’t be so agile. Often when I am running with Joseph I use the time to problem solve; pray or work out story trails in my head. I don’t know what he thinks about but when we are done with our run he often tells me what a good job I have done. We are not to the place where I can out run him and I don’t think I will ever be that good, but it is good to have him as a running partner he brings out the best in me and I enjoy our time together. Thank you honey for the wonderful legacy of running.


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