Video Preproduction


During this phase of the project we at ACP, together with you, determine which elements you want to go into your video/film. We will go over all the creative and funding strategies necessary to make your production successful. Here we will pitch ideas to you and listen to your ideas. The goal is to determine the elements that would produce the message or story that you want to communicate.


After brainstorming and determining the elements that will make up your video/film, we’ll sit down and draft a proposal that will detail our service, equipment and cost for the entire project. You will be able to see all the costs involved and nothing will be left to surprize. Once the proposal is accepted, the remainder of the project will proceed.


As with any great project, it starts with a plan. The script is plan for producing your video/film. We have talented writers who love writing. We can write your script from start to finish or any portion thereof. Before moving forward, you will have a chance to review your script until you are satisfied with it.


Here is where we design the overall plan for shooting the video/film, including talent, location, equipment, transportation, etc for a seamless shoot.

Video Production

The Shoot

ACP has the equipment and technical expertise to make your shoot extraordinary. We are able to shoot a one-camera project or a multi-camera production.

We shoot your video using broadcast quality equipment, which ensures sharp crisp images. During your production we will provide all the equipment, and crew to complete the shoot.

We’ll shoot at your location or a location of your choice. We can help you find the right place, people, and equipment to make your video/film reflect your personal touches.

During the shooting we will work closely together with you to ensure that you are satisfied every step of the process. If there needs to be changes made to the script, the set, or any other aspect of the shoot, we will be pleased to ablidge.

Once the project goes into the production stage – shooting, while there will be no refunds of money submitted, we will make every effort to make sure that you receive a satisfactory product before we close the production.

Post production


Once your video is shot, ACP uses non-linear editing software to tell your story and cut out all the footage that you don’t want included.

DVD Authoring

Your finished DVD will be complete with menus and chapters so that you can jump to the favorite part of the video or watch the entire program without pause.

Video Sharing

ACP can format your video so it can be viewed on your computer or up loaded to your website. We can determine what format is best for you. Just let us know what you’d like to have happen and we’ll set out to do it for you.


Every project is different and therefore priced differently. Our pricing is competitive with those of other companies. We know because we have shopped them. Please call us with you project and we will give you a quote that fits your needs and your budget. In some cases we will allow you to name your own price. We want your business and will do what it takes to get it.