Secrets of a Happy Marriage

September 9, 2010

Many of you are aware that Joseph and I have been married for twenty five years. We will celebrate our twenty sixth year of marriage this year November 24.

I believe that I can speak for Joseph when I say that our secret to enjoying a happy marriage is in the care that we take of one another. You know that the bible says – Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you. Luke 6:31. This is very true. One of the things that Joseph loves for me to do is put lotion on his back. He has a problem with dry skin and I make sure that we have loads of lotion to keep his back nice and soft. Joseph in return has allowed me to indulge my creative side by launching this website and the associated services. There are many other things that we do because we know what the other enjoys.

I tell new couples that if you put the needs of your spouse in front of your needs than you will never lack what you want from the marriage. That is not to say you will always agree, Joseph and I do disagree, but even then we look at what is important to the other person.  Joseph doesn’t like a long dragged out argument. I have a need to face matters head on. So when we disagree he knows that it is better for me to face the situation most times in a quick manner and I realize that I must get to the point and move on.

I love Joseph Leroy Codrington and I know he loves me. I pray that  married couples will take these words to heart and find that you too can enjoy many many years of happiness in your marriages.  God’s blessing be on you all.

Mrs. Lauretta


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