Marriage is Under Attack, We Better Recognize and Stop Being Desensitized

April 14, 2010

You probably did not know that February 7th – 14th is National Marriage Week.  Well I think it is a concept long overdue – Marriage is Under Attack as the kids say “We better recognize!”  Two organizations that are on the front lines for Marriage are National Organization for Marriage and National Marriage Week.

NOM is a political organization that stays on the front lines of the fight against same sex Marriage. NOM have had many knock down drags out fights with same sex marriage advocates, but they are still going strong. If you are interested in getting involved in the fight to keep marriage as it should be (between one man and one woman) than I suggest that you get involved with NOM as I have. I am thankful to NOM because not only are they tough, but they are a group of men and women who believe in Christ. They get their direction from the Word and they do not deter from it. 

National Marriage Week is a relatively new organization and their mission is to bring awareness to Marriage Ministry and their target is the Church. My first introduction to National Marriage Week was during a webinar where many Pastors, Christian Leaders and Believers came together to talk about the plight of marriage and what needs to be done.  I agree with NMW that the Church is the place where healthy marriages should be built and maintained as God would have it. Whether you acknowledge it or not the institution of marriage was created from the Word of God.   It was through my introduction to these to organizations that has helped me to begin my ministry – promoting Marriage Ministry, maintaining and promoting healthy Marriages.

February 14th I appeared on an episode of Soap Box Ann Arbor where I spoke about the benefits of Marriage Ministry and challenged churches to build Marriage Ministries in their congregations. Then on February 28th I had the honor of being invited by Pastor Levon Yuille of The Bible Church to speak to his congregation.  Marriage has a long history and whether you want to acknowledge it or not the institution of marriage goes back to the Bible. When God created Man and Woman he gave them to one another in Marriage. Marriage between a man and a woman is how we have been able to build a society of caring and loving and servant oriented people. It is only when we deter from the sanctity of Marriage; Marriage that is build other than between a man and a woman do we begin to have all the ill of our society ooze out of every pore of our society.

We see it in our politics when we have politicians who are openly gay. We see it in our schools when we have teachers who have sex with their underage students; we see it on television when couples who are not married make passionate sex in front of our teenagers and one of the richest yuppies is rich due to exploiting women who have sex with men and with women during spring break. Marriage is under attack and we need to recognize and stop being desensitized.

We are becoming desensitized and that is the plan, we are being fooled into believing that broken marriages, and adultery and same sex marriage and young people  having sex before marriage and all the other ills from the lack of healthy marriage is the norm and anything outside of the norm is abnormal. According to a study created by Hampton University entitled the Marriage Index indicates that in 1970 80% of all adults Americans were married. Today that number has dropped to 57%. Additionally the report states that today 40% of all American children are born out of wedlock. In the African American community 70% of children are born outside of Marriage.  As a married person, think of the last time you kissed your spouse in front of your children, what was their response?  – Ugh, get a room, ooh that’s nasty, TMI. Now put that same kid down in front of a television program like “Friends” or One on One” and you won’t hear a groan, grunt or peep as unmarried people devour one another under the guise of being in love because that has become the norm.

Marriage is under attack; we better recognize and stop being desensitized.  My goal is to continue standing with NOM as they fight the attack from same sex marriage advocates. I write to politicians who oppose what we are doing and encourage politicians who stand with us. I send money when I have it and I speak out in my blog, in my life and to whomever will listen. Additionally I will continue to stand with National Marriage Week to promote Marriage Ministry in Churches. I will speak to churches that invite me and get myself invited to those who don’t have robust programs. Some colleagues and I are putting together PSA’s on Marriage and starting a Marriage Masters Association.

What are you willing to do to promote, sustain and maintain healthy marriages? Here are some ideas, Kiss your husband and or wife in public, pray, celebrate National Marriage Week February 7th – 14th, pray, take your husband or wife out often, pray, make love often, pray, mentor a young married couple, pray, let your marriage stand as an example to everyone of what a healthy marriage looks like and pray. Marriage is under attack; we better recognize and stop being desensitized.


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  1. Cheryl on April 15th, 2010 6:00 am:

    Excellent! Yes marriage and chrisitanity is under attack but the interesting thing about light – is that it shines even brighter the darker it becomes!

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