The Legacy of Running

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The legacy of Running

I know it is not father’s day or his birthday or any other special day like that right now. But this cannot wait.  As I finished my three mile run this morning with Joseph running along side me I thought back to the time when we began running together. Although I can’t remember the exact date/year I do remember that I was so bad at it and since that time I have become a pretty skilled runner thanks to Joseph. When we first began running I could hardly run 100meters without being out of breath even though I have never had what I considered a weight problem. Now I can run three or four miles without getting breathless.  My form has been corrected and I don’t fight myself any longer. Due to the teachings of Joseph I have learned how to run up and down hills on grass, gravel and sidewalk and blacktop. You may not know it but there is a science to running and my husband has taught me all he knows and has taught our children as well.

Shortly after our marriage, Joseph started the children and I running. Many early mornings we would all get  up and get dressed and go for a long run (back then it was really no more than a half of mile, but it seemed long) He has brought a wonderful legacy to our family. I learned the other day when visiting our oldest and her husband and kids that they have started doing exercises together – I am so happy for them.

Each morning that Joseph and I go out to run, it is work but we have a rhythm that is just our own that we easily fall into after a few steps down the road. It is similar to the sexual rhythm that we share after years of knowing one another. They both are beautiful to experience.  At 5:30 or 6:00am the streets are dark and no one is out except other diehard runners. In the summer the air is warm and we move smoothly and quickly. In the winter the air is fresh and sharp and every movement is accompanied by the noise of our clothing. One day we won’t be so agile. Often when I am running with Joseph I use the time to problem solve; pray or work out story trails in my head. I don’t know what he thinks about but when we are done with our run he often tells me what a good job I have done. We are not to the place where I can out run him and I don’t think I will ever be that good, but it is good to have him as a running partner he brings out the best in me and I enjoy our time together. Thank you honey for the wonderful legacy of running.

Secrets of a Happy Marriage

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Many of you are aware that Joseph and I have been married for twenty five years. We will celebrate our twenty sixth year of marriage this year November 24.

I believe that I can speak for Joseph when I say that our secret to enjoying a happy marriage is in the care that we take of one another. You know that the bible says – Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you. Luke 6:31. This is very true. One of the things that Joseph loves for me to do is put lotion on his back. He has a problem with dry skin and I make sure that we have loads of lotion to keep his back nice and soft. Joseph in return has allowed me to indulge my creative side by launching this website and the associated services. There are many other things that we do because we know what the other enjoys.

I tell new couples that if you put the needs of your spouse in front of your needs than you will never lack what you want from the marriage. That is not to say you will always agree, Joseph and I do disagree, but even then we look at what is important to the other person.  Joseph doesn’t like a long dragged out argument. I have a need to face matters head on. So when we disagree he knows that it is better for me to face the situation most times in a quick manner and I realize that I must get to the point and move on.

I love Joseph Leroy Codrington and I know he loves me. I pray that  married couples will take these words to heart and find that you too can enjoy many many years of happiness in your marriages.  God’s blessing be on you all.

Mrs. Lauretta

Thank You Jesus “He’s The One”

August 17, 2010 | 2 Comments

The other day I was talking with a friend and told her about how excited we are for our second oldest daughter. She is a beautiful woman. She is educated, well traveled (she lives in Japan) she is athletic, witty, an awesome cook and more importantly she made the decision at an early age, to save the honor of sharing her sexual treasures for her husband.  I mentioned to this friend that we have been praying for our daughter’s husband since before she was in my womb and continue to do so now that she is an adult. I also mentioned that the husband we are praying for is a man who has also decided to wait to share his treasures only with his wife. She was flabbergasted!  “There are no men like that” she cried. I quietly mentioned that God can send her the man that we have been praying for. The word says “The prayers of the righteous availeth much” and “A man who finds a wife finds a good thing”. So as our daughter is busy becoming “a good thing” we wait as her husband is preparing to set out on his journey of finding her.  

I know the Lord will answer our prayers by sending the right husband/wife for our children. My husband of twenty five years was sent to me all the way from the Caribbean. The Lord sent our son in law to Florida from Wisconsin to find our oldest daughter when it was time. Our third oldest daughter is twenty three and not quite ready for marriage and our last child, a son, is only thirteen. However each has made the decision to reserve their sexual treasures for the husband and wife that we have been praying for and that God has for them.   When the Lord sends my second oldest daughter her husband, we will be excited to say Thank you Jesus, “He’s the one”.

Marriage is Under Attack, We Better Recognize and Stop Being Desensitized

April 14, 2010 | 1 Comment

You probably did not know that February 7th – 14th is National Marriage Week.  Well I think it is a concept long overdue – Marriage is Under Attack as the kids say “We better recognize!”  Two organizations that are on the front lines for Marriage are National Organization for Marriage and National Marriage Week.

NOM is a political organization that stays on the front lines of the fight against same sex Marriage. NOM have had many knock down drags out fights with same sex marriage advocates, but they are still going strong. If you are interested in getting involved in the fight to keep marriage as it should be (between one man and one woman) than I suggest that you get involved with NOM as I have. I am thankful to NOM because not only are they tough, but they are a group of men and women who believe in Christ. They get their direction from the Word and they do not deter from it. 

National Marriage Week is a relatively new organization and their mission is to bring awareness to Marriage Ministry and their target is the Church. My first introduction to National Marriage Week was during a webinar where many Pastors, Christian Leaders and Believers came together to talk about the plight of marriage and what needs to be done.  I agree with NMW that the Church is the place where healthy marriages should be built and maintained as God would have it. Whether you acknowledge it or not the institution of marriage was created from the Word of God.   It was through my introduction to these to organizations that has helped me to begin my ministry – promoting Marriage Ministry, maintaining and promoting healthy Marriages.

February 14th I appeared on an episode of Soap Box Ann Arbor where I spoke about the benefits of Marriage Ministry and challenged churches to build Marriage Ministries in their congregations. Then on February 28th I had the honor of being invited by Pastor Levon Yuille of The Bible Church to speak to his congregation.  Marriage has a long history and whether you want to acknowledge it or not the institution of marriage goes back to the Bible. When God created Man and Woman he gave them to one another in Marriage. Marriage between a man and a woman is how we have been able to build a society of caring and loving and servant oriented people. It is only when we deter from the sanctity of Marriage; Marriage that is build other than between a man and a woman do we begin to have all the ill of our society ooze out of every pore of our society.

We see it in our politics when we have politicians who are openly gay. We see it in our schools when we have teachers who have sex with their underage students; we see it on television when couples who are not married make passionate sex in front of our teenagers and one of the richest yuppies is rich due to exploiting women who have sex with men and with women during spring break. Marriage is under attack and we need to recognize and stop being desensitized.

We are becoming desensitized and that is the plan, we are being fooled into believing that broken marriages, and adultery and same sex marriage and young people  having sex before marriage and all the other ills from the lack of healthy marriage is the norm and anything outside of the norm is abnormal. According to a study created by Hampton University entitled the Marriage Index indicates that in 1970 80% of all adults Americans were married. Today that number has dropped to 57%. Additionally the report states that today 40% of all American children are born out of wedlock. In the African American community 70% of children are born outside of Marriage.  As a married person, think of the last time you kissed your spouse in front of your children, what was their response?  – Ugh, get a room, ooh that’s nasty, TMI. Now put that same kid down in front of a television program like “Friends” or One on One” and you won’t hear a groan, grunt or peep as unmarried people devour one another under the guise of being in love because that has become the norm.

Marriage is under attack; we better recognize and stop being desensitized.  My goal is to continue standing with NOM as they fight the attack from same sex marriage advocates. I write to politicians who oppose what we are doing and encourage politicians who stand with us. I send money when I have it and I speak out in my blog, in my life and to whomever will listen. Additionally I will continue to stand with National Marriage Week to promote Marriage Ministry in Churches. I will speak to churches that invite me and get myself invited to those who don’t have robust programs. Some colleagues and I are putting together PSA’s on Marriage and starting a Marriage Masters Association.

What are you willing to do to promote, sustain and maintain healthy marriages? Here are some ideas, Kiss your husband and or wife in public, pray, celebrate National Marriage Week February 7th – 14th, pray, take your husband or wife out often, pray, make love often, pray, mentor a young married couple, pray, let your marriage stand as an example to everyone of what a healthy marriage looks like and pray. Marriage is under attack; we better recognize and stop being desensitized.

Celebrating marriage

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In approximately two months, Joseph and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We will be taking a group of people to the sunny island of Barbados (where Joseph was born). Of course it will be coupled with a road race. For those of you who know our family we are all about track and field and road races.

To commemorate our 25th, I have written a book entitled The Joy of Being Married… All year long I have been celebrating marriage and have wanted to shout from the rooftops what a joy it is to be married to Joseph. Then I thought what is the best way to let others know about the joy of being married; beside the book is to write this Blog. But I digress. The fire that really motivated me to write this blog was when I was watching MSNBC and a commercial came on advertising a website. I really thought the website had something to do with marriage, but instead it was promoting “having an affair” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. (Of course I won’t give the name and contibute to providing publicity to this hideous site). I said to myself, that is enough. It is time that someone heard from the other side — from those of us who love their husbands and wives and their marriage — So here I am.

This Blog will from time to time celebrate those of us who have been married ten or more years to the same person. This Blog is not for those people who identify themselves as gay or lesbian. I will have something to say about those people at a later date, but for now for those of us who value their spouse and the sanctity of their vows and their marriage, this is a discussion for you. — Good on you, keep up the good work. Isn’t it great to know that you stuck it out despite all the obstacles and nay sayers? I find in my marriage that the more the years pass the more I love and cherish Joseph. That is due in part to the fact that I am getting to know him more and more each day and I love what I am finding out.

When we first married, I hardly knew as much about him as I know now and all the things that I did know, I can’t say I liked. However back then I was trying to impress him as he was me. But not it is not about impressing; it is more about sustaining and enjoying the ride.

So for those of you who are married for the long haul stay tuned, this is going to be fun.

A History of “Mrs.”

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This month’s featured project is weddings and in keeping with that I want to talk with you about the history of Mrs.

First let me give a big hand-clap to my second oldest daughter Clarissa for introducing me to Wikipedia. I love Wikipedia it has information about the smallest thing to huge in your face items. I can always find the information that I need on Wikipedia, now whether the information is true and accurate or not, I have not researched, all I know is that it is always available and it sounds right!!

Based on my resources Mrs is an “English honorific” and it is used for married women when no other title is available, like we need more titles. On the surface that sounds very demeaning, however it is not. It is meant to bestow honor, respect, admiration and social superiority. Too bad writing or stating the title Mrs before your name has been reduced to mean “ugh your married!!!” or as a confession for something that you did wrong as in – “when their lips parts, heart racing and thoughts scrambled she utters “Im married”.

I rarely hear, or read women using Mrs before their names anymore. I began using Ms before Joseph and I married. For me it meant, an independent woman. I was college educated, career oriented and independent. Ms seemed a good fit for my lifestyle at the time. Wikipedia says that Ms is used when women don’t want to state their marital status. I never thought of it like that, but now that I am putting some thought to it – I am proud to be Mrs. There is honor in being Mrs – I can state loud and clear “I am Mrs. Lauretta Codrington” there now I said it!!! I feel so free, so light, it is like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Ladies you have to try it, it is such a wonderful feeling. “Huh, what did you say….” “How could I be Mrs. Lauretta Codrington? I am not married to myself you say.” “What do you mean Mrs Lauretta Codrington is not right?” “What is right?” “Mrs. Joseph Codrington?” “But my name is not ‘Joseph’ it is ‘Lauretta’”. Oh I get it… the honor comes from being Mrs. Joseph Codrington, not Mrs. Lauretta Codrington. How silly of me.

Ladies, don’t you just love it when older men call you “Miss”.

In the beginning

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When I was a child growing up in Detroit with my five brothers, I witnessed my oldest brother put on a play at our junior high school, then called Butzel Junior High. It was a play about “Black Cinderella.” He wrote the script, cast the talent, secured the location, and never launched the production. Years later, I saw Brandy and Whitney Houston do a similar production. I often wondered why my brother never was able to finish what he started and assumed that it was due to some kind of family character flaw. Nevertheless, my older brother started my love for writing and producing with that play.

I am never happier than when I am in front of this computer putting down my stories and ideas. My mother Josephine Laurence, God rest her soul, wanted me to be a secretary at Blue Cross Blue Shield in Detroit. I don’t think I ever even applied for work there. I worked a few jobs as a secretary during college, but soon determined that my personality was not suited for that kind of work. But I digress. During college, as I mentioned, I studied radio, television, and film, among other things, until my counselor told me when I had decided for the fourth time to change my major, “Lauretta, just get the degree! You have classes in this, and classes in that. Choose a major and get the degree.” Those were the wisest words I had heard in a long time. So I did. I eventually completed a degree in Organizational Communication (or OD as it was known back in the early nineties) and left Eastern Michigan University behind. I never left my love for writing, telling stories and communicating. I fell in love with television and directed my attention towards that medium. I call it my medium of choice. I learned all I could about producing programs and how cameras work. When I learned how to edit on the computer, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

By the way, I must give a handclap to my buddy, mentor, and friend, Brian Rose, for giving me the opportunity to learn video editing at our church, which motivated me to purchase our own software. Thanks, Brian! In the old days, I used a very simple program called Studio, but now that has been replaced with Final Cut Pro — the program that rivals Avid. Avid was the top leading video editing program, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and therefore inaccessible to beginning editors like myself.

Learning the editing side of the business has brought me full circle — writing, directing, filming, editing, and marketing. Watch out, Spike!!!