The history of ACP

Lauretta CodringtonAfter Church Productions was launched by Lauretta Codrington in 1992. In addition to taking classes in radio, television and film at Eastern and graduating with a degree in Communications, Lauretta learned and developed her television and film production skills by producing programs at her local access channel. The first program she produced was a talk show, which boasted a seven-year run. The show featured local musicans, pastors, and other religious leaders and local celebrities, speaking on topics relating to the church. Reruns of the show can still be seen on cable access and ACPTV. Lauretta’s next project was a feature-length film about the cruxifiction of Christ, from the Easter Bunny‚Äôs perspective. Many of the kids in the show are now in their twenties.

Lauretta and Joseph invested in their own video and editing equipment and software. As a result, ACP was able to produce other projects independent of public access, including another talk show which Lauretta hosted with two friends. They spoke on the topic of marriage, divorce and widowhood. Lauretta is currently turning these topics into a coffee table book. ACP found commercial success when professors at EMU, UofM, religious leaders, and other companies commissioned the company to provide video and editing services for existing projects. Because of her unique style of capturing and telling wedding stories, Lauretta has frequently been commissioned to shoot wedding films.

In addition to our commissions and postproduction activities, and our work as the marketing and production arm of Codrington Enterprises, ACP is seeking and developing independent projects. Let us help you produce your next video and promote your message or story.