In the beginning

August 16, 2009 | Leave a Comment

When I was a child growing up in Detroit with my five brothers, I witnessed my oldest brother put on a play at our junior high school, then called Butzel Junior High. It was a play about “Black Cinderella.” He wrote the script, cast the talent, secured the location, and never launched the production. Years later, I saw Brandy and Whitney Houston do a similar production. I often wondered why my brother never was able to finish what he started and assumed that it was due to some kind of family character flaw. Nevertheless, my older brother started my love for writing and producing with that play.

I am never happier than when I am in front of this computer putting down my stories and ideas. My mother Josephine Laurence, God rest her soul, wanted me to be a secretary at Blue Cross Blue Shield in Detroit. I don’t think I ever even applied for work there. I worked a few jobs as a secretary during college, but soon determined that my personality was not suited for that kind of work. But I digress. During college, as I mentioned, I studied radio, television, and film, among other things, until my counselor told me when I had decided for the fourth time to change my major, “Lauretta, just get the degree! You have classes in this, and classes in that. Choose a major and get the degree.” Those were the wisest words I had heard in a long time. So I did. I eventually completed a degree in Organizational Communication (or OD as it was known back in the early nineties) and left Eastern Michigan University behind. I never left my love for writing, telling stories and communicating. I fell in love with television and directed my attention towards that medium. I call it my medium of choice. I learned all I could about producing programs and how cameras work. When I learned how to edit on the computer, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

By the way, I must give a handclap to my buddy, mentor, and friend, Brian Rose, for giving me the opportunity to learn video editing at our church, which motivated me to purchase our own software. Thanks, Brian! In the old days, I used a very simple program called Studio, but now that has been replaced with Final Cut Pro — the program that rivals Avid. Avid was the top leading video editing program, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and therefore inaccessible to beginning editors like myself.

Learning the editing side of the business has brought me full circle — writing, directing, filming, editing, and marketing. Watch out, Spike!!!